Ana Finel Honigman - My experience at the Transformance Center was a revelation that has had lasting, significant and profound influence on my life. I have always been skeptical about metaphysics. Yet, the reading that I received was shockingly relevant to my pressing concerns and circumstances. The Tarot cards instantly told a clear story of my past, present and the steps needed to better my future. I kept the lesson close and I followed the cards' guidance. I am still working and developing towards realizing the good goals presented by my reading. I feel that I now have a clear path, thanks to the cards.

The most important element in the reading was Sameer's sensitivity, humour and grace when interpreting the cards. The Transformance Center itself was a perfect bridge between my art-background and new appreciation for mystical thinking. I was relaxed and comfortable retiring my skepticism in the Transformance Center room. Sameer has balletic balance of his dark, sharp, humour and earnest empathy. I will always remember the experience and the life lessons that I learned there.

Nicole Eiseler - I met with Sameer after experiencing the tragic loss of my father. Since I am a physician, the demands of my job were almost obstructing my ability to grieve. Our session helped me delineate anxiety based on the recent trauma from other aspects of my life. This was absolutely necessary as it assisted in helping to carve out a mental space for me to actually focus on my loss. Further, the mood and energy instantly available on entering the Transformance center had a profoundly relaxing effect. I immediately felt grounded and in a safe environment which helped many previously obscured emotions to surface. I prefer this type of multi-modality therapy as opposed to more traditional office based methods. The general experience is more pleasing and had such a great effect on my outlook that I plan to stay involved with the center on a permanent basis.

Ben Sutton - My healing session at the Transformance Center came after a period of prolonged stress and fatigue. I emerged from my session — which might best be described, at least in my experience, as equal parts performance, collaborative meditation, and energizing ritual — feeling simultaneously reinvigorated and relaxed. The session left me with a mix of focus and calm, and I was suddenly better able to hone in on the things that mattered most, and expend less intellectual and emotional energy on those trivial issues that monopolize so much of one's time. In addition to the direct results of the treatment, I suspect its effectiveness was also partly due to Sameer's infectious poise, concentration, and tranquility.

Noah Becker - After the session I felt like I was relaxed but it was only later that aspects of my requested life changes began to actually happen. Not only did i see results on the first visit but I look forward to my second visit with Sameer. 

Julia Trotta - It's hard to summarize the Transformance Center because each person's experience is unique.  As a client, your time with Sameer is collaborative.  You decide together what your goals are for the session and set forth on a path which can include any number of healing rituals.  It's a beautiful experience, and one that I would highly recommend to any over-stimulated New Yorker.

Brian Leitch - My experience with Sameer was something I had to take time to process-- I didn't know what to think immediately following. But some days later it became apparent why: I had to get out of my mind, literally, and engage in actively seeking out 'the doing' of what I had been presented with, realize not just with my mind but also in my body that grieving is something to engage with not 'think through', and while my own spiritual practice tells me this every day, the session and the ritual, and for me, importantly, the 'homework', was something I needed to begin to truly get out of my head.

Seung-Min Lee - Participating in Transformance allowed me a rare opportunity to explore the connection between mind and body that can become obscured by the hustle and grind of living in this city of perpetual forward motion.  Sameer is part analyst, part shaman, part alchemist and 100% a healer.  I had never explored or given a thought to so-called New Age therapies prior to my session, and simply the idea of crystals, tarot cards, and reiki would rouse a spate of dismissive cackles from me. Perhaps it is Sameer's metered approach of allowing the participant to judge for oneself the validity and efficacy of these healing techniques that allow even the most cynical to suspend disbelief long enough to question the rote terms under which we function, privileging mind over matter. I would posit that it may be the most effective way of coming to a state of wholeness.

Elisa Carmichael - I had two Reiki Tummo sessions with Sameer during my pregnancy - one in my second trimester, and one early in my third - and had a really wonderful experience both times. The first session was particularly powerful as it helped me to relax and begin to embrace my changing emotional and physical state, while during the second I could actually feel my baby responding to and participating in the treatment, a very strange and magical sensation. Both sessions had an immediate and lasting impact on me. I'm looking forward to trying the Rising Star treatment with Sameer in the future.

Sarah Stephenson - My experience at Transformance went far beyond any predictable measure of remedial alleviation. I left the center, after an immersive Reiki Tummo session, not only with a sense of physical, cognitive, and emotional realignment but also a greater interest in the concept of ritual that underpins much of spiritual practice. 

Simmy Swinder - The session brought me much calm, peace, and focus which I carried with me after I left. It also gave me the strength to take action over events in my life I felt were out of my control. 

Alanna Niemitz - I went to the center for the first time on a day when I was feeling lower than low. I was confused and angry and totally thrown by a recent event in my personal life.  Immediately upon entering the space I felt  calmer and more relaxed.  Sameer was a consummate professional, without sacrificing any warmth.  I have heard some people like getting tattoos in part because it is so rare in life to have someone concentrate all of their attention on you.  That’s pretty much how I felt,  except instead of a tattoo I left with the tools to comfort myself and make better decisions.

Corinna Springer - My first experience with Reiki Tummo was when Sameer sent me Reiki Tummo while i was at the hospital, a Reiki practioner myself i hadn't experienced a distance treatment as powerful yet. When I came in for a session my expectations were high, and immediately when I entered I could pick up on the extremely high vibration in the space. When I lay down is dozed off into a nice alpha state and had a few visions that would announce changes in my life that indeed happened. I also had a few healing crisis reactions, such as a runny nose, just another sign of the fine tuning that was taking place during the session. All in all, I had a beautiful experience and with it  a lasting effect.

Rima Suqi - I am not someone who believes that everybody can do energy work. Contrary to what many will have you believe, not everybody can channel to the point where you, the receiver actually feel the energy transfer and, subsequently, benefit from it. As a travel and spa writer, I've had what was called 'reiki' about ten times. But in reality I've only truly experienced real reiki twice, and one of those times -- actually the most dramatic version --  was with Sameer, experiencing reiki tummo. My 90 minutes under his energetic care was a journey of temperatures, dreams, and vibrations. It was simply incredible, and I would highly recommend him to both those seasoned in receiving this type of treatment and the newbies who are simply curious.

Kelly Taxter - My experience of the Transformance Center was an exploration of my own spiritual thresholds of belief and meaning.  Sameer is an intent and receptive listener, and his openness and ability to translate were evident as he read my tarot and performed reiki tummo with crystals. We had three types of communication during my session: conscious, unconscious, and physical.  My primary thoughts upon leaving were both about my mental and physical responses but also how the collaboration between he and I, the willingness to participate and focus on tour shared, extended moment, and the generative materials that came from it parallels what’s required to actively engage with contemporary art.  

Sahra Motalebi - In Transformance, Sameer uses various tools to break the much sought after 5th wall - putting both the participant's physical and psychic bodies on the table. Nonchalant yet profound, his practice calls our cynicism into question, putting the fringes of so-called disrepute in proximity to spiritual experience.