Free Consultation 

If you have questions about which program is best for you, I offer a complimentary 30-minute phone consultation to help you determine how best to achieve the healing you seek.


Deep Healing Journeys

4 Session Program  - If you are dealing with a short-term, situational condition, such as work project-related stress, or recent heartbreak, a 4-session program can be a good path to pursue. At the end of the program, results are evaluated and there is the option to continue working together. Each session lasts 1.5 hours.

12, 24, and 48 Session Programs - If you are seeking to shift your life in a more permanent positive direction, these programs provide a path to long-lasting healing. Over a span of months, you will experience a powerful treatment plan that combines multiple modalities to increase your sense of emotional, physical, mental and spiritual well-being. Each bespoke plan is tailored to your specific needs, facilitating targeted results. Programs can address everything from a desire for personal growth and change, to a desire for a healthier lifestyle, to challenges such as depression, anxiety, destructive relationship patterns and the effects of chronic illness. By the conclusion of your program, you will have identified measurable signs of meaningful progress.

Individual Sessions

An individual session offers an energetic tune-up, or an infusion of clarity. A single session can also be the perfect introduction to the Transformance℠ Center experience for those who have an interest in deeper healing, but would like to become more familiar first.

Individual sessions can focus on an energetic healing via Reiki Tummo, supplemented by crystals and gem essences, or an Intuitive Encounter, using the Tarot. The duration of an individual session is 50 minutes.