Transformance℠ offers life-coaching and energy healing services that helps clients to heal emotional and physical wounds, and achieve their highest potential. Energy healing techniques utilized include Reiki Tummo, Prema Birthing and Rising Star energy currents, as well as tools such as energetically-charged crystals. These processes are applied in tandem with life coaching to accomplish specific goals, creating a practical approach to the that holistically addresses the body, mind and heart.

If you are seeking to achieve deeply positive change in your life, Transformance℠ offers a selection of bespoke therapeutic programs that create the conditions in which profound healing can occur.  While à la carte sessions are available, ongoing programs allow meaningful change to take root and flourish in your life.

Clients who participate in a multi-session program enjoy special benefits, including individually-designed visualization and observation exercises, meditations and unique infusions of healing energy. By adopting a multi-dimensional approach to healing that addresses the body, mind and heart, clients are able to achieve holistic results. A multi-session program makes use of diverse modalities, such as Reiki Tummo, the Rising Star system, the Prema Birthing system and crystal gridding, as well as tools such as the Tarot, the I Ching, gem essences and Tibetan singing bowls. Each session will result in the release of however much negative energy you are ready to let go of at the current time. Whatever challenges you are facing, we can meet them together - creating positive change in your life is within reach. If you are ready to be healed, a multi-session program is a powerful way to advance on your path to an integrated sense of well-being.

Transformance℠ is an invitation to be healed.