Reiki Tummo draws on higher levels of Reiki energy and the transformational power of Kundalini energy, offering the tangible, physical benefits of traditional Reiki treatments, as well as the spiritual and emotional benefits of working with Kundalini energy. The word ‘Tummo’ translates as inner fire, and refers to the Tibetan word for Kundalini. After a practitioner is attuned, his or her principal energy channel is widened, allowing greater amounts of healing energy to be channeled. Completion of subsequent levels of Reiki Tummo attunement allows the practitioner to draw upon more rarefied energies.

A Reiki Tummo treatment begins with a brief intake session, followed by an energy grounding. While the recipient lies on a massage table, healing energy is channelled into chakra points. All major, and some minor chakras are cleansed and infused with energy, facilitating a state of deep relaxation and balance. The session can be tailored to address specific physical, emotional or mental conditions, resolving chronic issues in some cases. Most recipients report a deeper experience than with an Usui Reiki treatment, which only draws upon ‘Universal’ energy. The healing process continues to unfold for up to 3 days after a session, and recipients are encouraged to remain hydrated, to assist with any detoxification that takes place. Weekly or monthly treatments can help to create and maintain a state of health. For additional information about Reiki Tummo, please see the FAQ page.

My experience of Reiki Tummo has played a profound role in helping me to regain my physical health, to integrate old emotional trauma and to incubate a sense of spiritual purpose. I first learned about the modality while visiting Tasmania, which led me on a path towards becoming attuned to Levels 1 through 3a (Personal Mastery). Through a daily practice of self-healing, I have experienced the depth of Reiki Tummo and the chance to share the experience of this energy is a privilege.