I often stage large healing-related events and projects in New York City, hosting between ten to a hundred and fifty people, and before each one I make sure to complete an Event or Project Clearing/Blessing. Without fail, they have all been unconditional successes, in the sense that they achieved the goals that I had targeted, while simultaneously offering participants an uplifting experience that was infused by powerful, positive energy. I remember one particular event which was the most ambitious effort I have made to-date in terms of engaging with a crowd. The odds seemed like they were against me - not enough time, a tiny budget, no chance to rehearse - but for each challenge that arose, a solution was easily found, and when the event started, I could palpably feel the energy I had channeled ahead of time in the air around me. It was an incredibly joyous experience for all in attendance and everyone I spoke with during and afterward remarked on how good they felt.

Now I make sure to bless any important upcoming meetings or trips, asking that their highest potential be fulfilled, and I have yet to be disappointed. This isn't to say that things always turn out the way I want them to (although this does happen surprisingly often), but that each encounter feels positive, and no matter the outcome, I constantly feel protected and guided towards my highest potential. Imagine having a wellspring of positive energy and support accompanying you during an experience that is significant to you - it's an invaluable resource which makes everything smoother and more pleasant, and this relaxed and trusting state, in turn, allows me to act without fear or anxiety, facilitating a positive outcome. There's also a sense of a serendipitous current running through the experience, connecting me with the people and opportunities I need to encounter in order to move forward.

If you have an upcoming project, meeting, event or trip, and you'd like to call in this same powerful energetic current, a Project, Event or Trip Clearing/Blessing is a wonderful gift to yourself. It will remove  stagnant, negative energetic obstacles to success, and infuse your efforts with a tremendous amount of powerful positivity, facilitating the highest possible outcome. 

Project, Event and Trip Clearings/Blessings are done remotely and in-person. The process transmits the same level of positive energy remotely as it does in-person because energy is not subject to the physical constrains of time and space.

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