Intuitive encounter offers a therapeutic framework rooted in the Taoist principle of the Now. The session begins with an intake interview, in which the recipient’s state of wellbeing is evaluated from multiple perspectives - emotional, mental, physical and/or spiritual. The evaluation unfolds through conversation, and clients are encouraged to speak to whatever aspects of the present moment seem most significant.

Once the core issue of the encounter has been articulated, the client selects cards from a Tarot deck.  Interpretations are consulted, and the reading is discussed in context of the core issue. In contrast to a typical reading, the Tarot cards are not the focus of the encounter; they are signposts within a larger interpersonal experience that elaborates on their ability to distill the metaphysical currents of a particular moment. 

An intuitive encounter is not the same as having one’s fortune told. Information about the present moment (including the direction its currents are heading in, aka the future) will reveal itself during the course of the session, but it arrives as a result of a conversation that unfolds between myself and the client. I make no claim to know anyone’s future - my role is to position myself as a lens that might focus the recipient's awareness of their Self. The power to define the future is not ascribed to the Oracle. The client is identified as an architect of his or her own outcomes.