Crystal gridding employs Reiki-charged crystals to augment the energy channeled during a Reiki Tummo session. Clear Quartz is designated the ‘master healer’ among crystals - it amplifies energy, as well as the effect of other crystals. Its exceptional qualities include the ability to stimulate the immune system, to harmonize all chakras and to align the subtle bodies. Other crystals in the Center's diverse collection include selenite, moldavite, pink tourmaline, amethyst, watermelon tourmaline in matrix, rose quartz, green tourmaline in matrix, citrine, chrysoprase, labradorite, sodalite, lapis lazuli, as well as a non-crystalline implement, amber. All of the crystals are cleared, charged with energy and programmed with intention prior to each session.

Gem essences can also be integrated into a Reiki Tummo treatment, amplifying the healing effect. After an intake, appropriate essences are selected by the recipient. After the aura is cleansed and opened, the essence is applied directly onto major chakra points and/or via a spray mist. Sublingual drops of the essences might be offered as well. Many people are familiar with the Bach Flower Remedies - the concept behind gem essences is the same: gem essences distill the healing vibration of a particular crystal into water, which is then applied in drop dosages. All matter vibrates at the molecular level, and every object possesses what is called a natural frequency. The foundational belief underlying the theory of gem essences holds that this frequency can be absorbed through contact with water, and in turn, into the physical and subtle bodies of a human being. For most people, the experience of a gem essence is comparable to the mechanism of homeopathic remedies: results are effected subtly and cumulatively. Highly sensitive individuals might register an immediate response. Gem essences used in Transformance℠ are sourced from the island of Kauai. Prior to being immersed in water, the gems are cleansed in the ocean and then exposed to moon and sunlight, before being charged at sunrise within a Kauaian energy vortex circle.