When I founded the Transformance Center, my first step was to bless the venture, calling in a powerful energetic momentum that guided my work in a positive direction. The following months were exhilarating -  although I experienced challenges and moments of self-doubt, there was a consistent sense of having a kind of energetic 'wind at my back', pushing me forward towards fulfilling my potential. I enjoyed moments of powerful synchronicity, in which key people and opportunities arrived in my life at exactly the right time, all of which led to success that continues to unfold.

Whether we're self-employed or work for another entity, all of us have moments where our careers could benefit from an infusion of positive energetic momentum. Sometimes we know this is the case because we feel blocked or stagnant in our career paths, despite putting forth our best effort. Or perhaps we're already successful but looking to take our career to the next level. A Career Blessing infuses a tremendous amount of positive energy into your career, using multiple modalities to remove stagnant, limiting energetic obstacles to progress.

If you're in the process of starting a new business venture, or simply wish to reinvigorate an existing business, a Business Blessing brings this healing, positive energy to your entrepreneurial efforts. 

Both Career and Business blessings help to facilitate successful outcomes, smoothing out the energetic rough edges and lending support to overcome challenges, while boosting positivity and inviting in serendipitous opportunities. 

Blessing and Clearing of careers and businesses can take place remotely, if an in-person encounter is not possible. The process transmits the same level of positive energy remotely as it does in-person because energy is not subject to the physical constrains of time and space.

Please email for more information.