To inquire about scheduling a session, send an email to Please include your phone number and mention a few potential session dates and times. If you would like to schedule a free phone consultation, please let me know.


Sessions are priced individually and at program rates. Please email for further information.

Payment can be made in advance of the session, or in person, by cash, check or credit card.

The Transformance℠ center is located in Tribeca, on Broadway, between Franklin and Leonard, close to almost all major trains. The Canal St stops for the N, R, Q, 6, J, M and Z lines are 4 blocks away, and the Franklin St stop for the 1 line, as well as the Canal St stop for the A, C and E lines are 2 crosstown blocks away. Once your appointment is confirmed, you will receive the exact address.


Please note that Transformance℠ is not intended to take the place of the observation and guidance of a physician or other healthcare provider. If you have a medical condition, you should seek out a licensed healthcare professional. In the event you do not consult with a healthcare professional and instead choose to self-diagnose and/or self-treat yourself using Transformance℠, you assume sole responsibility for this decision. (Assuming responsibility for your Self is necessary in order to facilitate change.)